Privacy Policy

This site is operated as a service for you. When you use this site, we might ask you some personal information in some part of this site (in case you use some of our service voluntarily such as questionnaire, inquiry, and email registration).

■ Personal Information

Most of information we ask you is your personal information needed to provide you service and information from Feel Good Creation Inc. We might ask you some other information in order to provide better usability, but you can voluntarily choose to provide or not to provide the information except some mandatory information. Feel Good Creation Inc. does not change the information without your consent.
Among all information, we manage the information below as personal information with special care.
Email Address
Company name
The above information will not be disclosed to third party except the cases specified below.

■ Disclosure of personal information
FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc. will not disclose the personal information to third party with the exceptions specified below. When a customer who registered the personal information demands to disclose it and the identify can be verified. When a court, public prosecutor’s office, police, tax office, bar association, or organizations with equivalent authority, demands to disclose. When we subcontract some or all of our work to third party. When we disclose the information to a person or company that is obligated to keep confidentiality to FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc.  FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc. takes reasonable measures needed to protect the privacy of customers who visit this site. FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc. might change the policy specified above. When we do so, we will notify all of the modifications in this home page.

■ Guarantee and limited liability

The use of this site is done under your responsibility. FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc. does not take any responsibility for any damage caused by the information in this site or from other web site providing links to this site.

■ Governing law

This site is under the management of FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc. This site is accessible from all countries in the world that might have different law, but FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc. and customers who access to this site agree to obey the law, official notice, and guideline of Japan. FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc. does not display or describe whether or not the content of this site is appropriate in a customer’s environment. The access to this site is done by voluntary decision of the customer and the responsibility to use this site rests with the customer.

■ Copyright

Regarding the information displayed by FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc. in this site, FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc. or original creator or writer reserve the copyright and other intellectual properties of each design, image, trademark, logo mark, or text information displayed or described in each page. FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc. also reserves the copyright of page itself, which is a collection of copyrights as a compilation or database.
Except for the printing and saving for the personal purpose and for the cases allowed by the copyright law, it is against the copyright law to copy, send, distribute, change, or remove the data in this site without permission from FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc., other creator, or other writer, so please contact us and obtain permission from us beforehand.