What is CMF®? 

Three elements of surface.


Surface, which exists on any good, is composed of three elements.






CMF stands for the first letter of the three elements.


■Role of CMF

CMF is powerful to improve beauty, quality, surface protection, expressing concept, and functionality.

Also, we obtain a lot of information from CMF. For example, the amount of visual information among five senses is more than 80%. Within that information, psychological effect from CMF is strong, and we receive, predict, and memorize various information.

Color and feel of material, or CMF, send various messages to people through five senses.

Who is the target customer of a product? How much does it cost? What function does it have? What are the feelings of customers when they purchase? The feeling of vision, touch, possession....


What is CMF® design?

To create valuable design and make people happy.


In Western countries, surface, or CMF design, is recognized as specialized area of design as well as form.


What CMF design creates is sensitivity value, and directly connected to added value, which is not limited to functionality or price.

Until recently, design of form was focused more, but we are in the age of creating new value by designing CMF that express world view of a good or space.

CMF design is essential part of design work, and it is important to understand three different characteristics of C, M, and F, and to design with full understanding of trend and technological development.


*CMF is a registered trademark of FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc.