What we try to achieve is to create the highest level of satisfaction by using CMF.


Japan has materials with high technology and machine processing technology as well as traditional beautiful material and technology.

CMF as we think of is to create or increase the product value by using sensitivity and information with good balance and by connecting the beauty and technology. That will be, we believe, the creation of highest level of satisfaction for customers and for us.

We create everything  about surface from raw material to finished products with four principles of conduct, which are service, sense, information, and idea.


Surface exists in every product···

That is why we want to create colorful charm with surface with intention.

In order for a product to increase the value of beauty.


In Europe, color, material, and finish are called CMF design, and it is a distinct area of design.

And, CMF designers participate in various projects such as product design, interior design, and architecture.

We established Feel Good Creation Inc. in order to establish CMF, which is one form of design concept, so that Japanese manufacture would be more beautiful.


Only design studio in Japan that is specialized in CMF.


Our work is to create attractive surface materials by designing all of three elements of color, material, and finish.

We provide total CMF solution from research, design, model development, to manufacturing support regarding specific product or R&D of material or product.

We also provide valuable CMF design proposals that include trend information, technological and market information about surface materials of various products, interior, architecture, and fashion.


■Company Information

Company name: FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc.

Established: 2007

CEO: Miyuki Tamai

Address:  2-12-1 Higashi Nihonbashi, TK Bldg.3F Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 103-0004

TEL: +81-3-6804-5075



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Profile of CEO Miyuki Tamai


2010 Contract Lecturer at Tokyo Metropolitan University

2008 Judge at Auto Color Award

2007 Established FEEL GOOD CREATION In

1993-2005 Vehicle design at Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

1993 Graduated Musashino Art University, Department of Industrial, Interior, and Craft Design.